December 4, 2013

Time Flies

A whole 2 months have come and gone without any updates. Sorry about that, but we've been busy, to say the least. October and November included a wedding in Arizona, a visit from Kyle's brother Cole, a wedding in Miami, and a visit from my mom. This all while Kyle has been at the hospital for 24 hour shifts and I've increased my workload to include the occasional weekend and longer days.
Oh and did I mention that it's residency interview season? This means Kyle has been flying all over the country for 48 hour visits to our potential new home. Yikes! These interviews will continue through December and January. I literally go weeks without seeing him. We'll both be glad when we reunite in Arizona for Christmas. It will really be the most wonderful time of the year.
Here are just some of the moments we captured over the past few months...



September 26, 2013


With a bucket list of places to go and a 4-day weekend, there's no other thing to do
than take a road trip. This time we went upstate driving over 1,000 miles across
New York and back. It's a shame that the city is all people think about when they
hear "New York" because, the rest of the state is breathtaking with charming cities,
farms as far as the eye can see, and an abundance of big beautiful trees. 
These were our major destinations during this trip...
(and most of what you'll see in the photos)

Views along the Hudson River
Presidential graves (4 to be exact)
Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame 
Roadside farm stands and u-pick orchards
Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist
The origin of buffalo wings in Buffalo, NY




We love taking road trips! Before we even returned the rental car we were
discussing our next possible destination. Not 100% sure where it will be, but we think we
should take advantage of our proximity to so many places while living in NYC.
Or maybe that's just our excuse to go on another mini vacation?

September 20, 2013

Summer Roundup

Summer is closing in our neck of the woods as kids return to school, the weather cools
down and crisp fall air is abundant. I haven't been the best at updated the blog over the past month so
here's a look at our last few weeks of the summer in the city and elsewhere.
Enjoying some freshly picked peaches at the farmers market.

A spur of the moment trip to D.C. turned out to be just the escape we needed from the city.
A new addition to the long list of museums in D.C. is the Newseum. This place is full of historical headlines, both correct and incorrect, and a look at how reporting has changed over time and has shaped policy and public perception. Fascinating! I highly recommend it if you're in D.C.
We also managed to squeeze in a delicious, rib coating lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl in D.C. 
A favorite of many presidents and Bill Cosby, this place stood up to its reputation. Yum! 

Back in the city, we managed to catch a movie one evening in Central Park. It's such a
great summer activity. The film that night, Hook. A childhood favorite of mine.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed your summer. We sure did. 

August 12, 2013

Turning 28

Is it just me, or do birthdays seem less exciting each year you get older?

Nowadays, the best way to celebrate is with a quiet evening at home and an ideal gift is one that is completely practical. It sounds so depressing, but I guess it can't be all cakes and parties forever (although I intend to try!)

Kyle turned 28 last week (holy cow 30 is coming quick) and we were lucky enough to spend a lot of the day together just relaxing and visiting some uncharted places in the city. We finished of the day with a nice dinner at home and Hershey Bar Delight for dessert. 

We plan to celebrate a little more with a weekend trip when we both have some time off coming up. 

For now, it's Happy Birthday to my best bud. I love you and can wait to hang out with you at 128!

August 6, 2013

Bar Hopping

After the weekend we spent relaxing on Long Island it was back to work for us and the continuation of their vacation in New York for Kyle's mom and dad. We managed to catch up with them and partake in their activities.  This mainly consisted of eating and drinking (fine by me!!). To mix it up a bit, and make room for more, we took some great scenic walks through different neighborhoods, along the High Line, and across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Here's a peak at a few of our stops. 

Hogs and Heifers. The epitome of a dive bar in the West Village, this place is loud, dusty, covered in women's bras, and full of some seedy characters. It was also the inspiration for the movie Coyote Ugly. Don't come in for just a look, the tough chick bartenders will call you out over a megaphone.  

Walking through DUMBO, a section of Brooklyn, admiring the great views of the city is always a fun thing for us to do. 

With flavors like cotton candy, honey, and Mexican hot chocolate we just had to try some ice cream. Totally worth it!!

Grimaldi's is one of the original pizzerias of New York, but it has since been sold, the new owner moved to the building next door, and duplicated the restaurant in numerous cities across the U.S. The first Grimaldi's still attracts long lines of customers, but after years of being out of the business Patsy Grimaldi decided to open a pizzeria in his very original location (next to the current Grimaldi's). Juliana's, named after his mom, is almost an exact replica of everything next door, but just a little better. Nothing like a coal-fired pizza in New York City!

Why not finish the day off with a shot and a beer? At Floyd, NY in Brooklyn you can get a drink, eat cheese spread with a roll of Ritz, play bocce ball indoors, and lounge on some thrift-store furniture. Just another one of kind places we found in the city. 

This only scratches the surface of all the places we went. What an amazing week it was. 
I'm already starting a new list for their next visit!