April 17, 2012

AZ Wine

Arizona is usually perceived as a bone-dry state where it's 120 degrees year round, where we all ride horses, and kick around tumbleweeds for fun. This, however is completely false.

 Parts of AZ are a desert with cactus and the whole nine yards, it does get warm in the summer, but there are also mountains, pine trees, 2 ski resorts, and a small wine country. Yes, that's right, wine country. This was even news to me. Thanks to my "wine savvy" in-laws we got a complete tour!

Five wineries, lots of tasty vino, a new appreciation for the diversity of Arizona, great views, great company, one amazing day!

April 9, 2012

What's New

Well, we're back in Arizona and here's what's new:
  • Kyle got his score back on his exam and did very well (I'm a proud wifey)
  • I've been back teaching and have been as busy as can be subbing all over, trying to be the bread winner for our family
  • We've gone through every box in our storage unit deciding what makes the cut to be labeled "keep"
  • Kyle is finding ways to occupy his new found time, mainly out on the golf course or just relaxing, a completely foreign concept to him
  • We've been finding every minute we can to hang out with friends and family, unsure of how much time we have here
  • We should know in the next week or so where we'll be going for Kyle's rotations
  • We've been trying to figure the best, most economical, and logical way to get our stuff from here to wherever, all while making a pit stop in St. Louis
That's what's been going on around here. It's a very exciting and stressful time. I'm not sure if it's the calm before the storm or if we're already in the storm. Either way, it's the start to a whole new city and adventure for the two of us. We'll let you knew where our next stop will be, asap!