April 26, 2011


Today is my dad's 60th birthday (Happy Birthday Daddy!), but Saturday was when we had the real fun. Since October my mom and I have been planning a surprise birthday for him which was hard to do at times since we were an ocean apart. We did most of the cooking and prep down at my grandma's house while he thought we were out shopping and running errands. We knew he would be gone for at least 4 or 5 hours while he played golf with Kyle and Kyle's dad.

Saturday evening he strolled into the house looking exhausted from the 18 holes he had just played, but little did he know there were about 40 people on the patio waiting to wish him a happy birthday. He was shocked and the look on his face showed it. All I have to say is "Got ya'!"

the surprise...

the invite...

the food...

April 18, 2011

Meg's Baby Shower

Dominica has become the island of fertility. I need both hands and a foot to count the girls who are pregnant on the island. We use the phrase "don't drink the water" quite often.

No worries. I'm not drinking the water, for a few years anyways.

We've been to a few baby showers over the months we've been here, but when our dear friend Meagan told us she was expecting I couldn't wait to throw her a shower. Taylor, Emily, and I got together and planned a shower of love for the mommy-to-be (she's due at the end of September, but since they're leaving this week we had to do it earlier than the norm).

We held the shower at a small bar by the water. It was a perfectly quaint setting with a million dollar view. For the shower we had BBQ chicken sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit kebabs, chips, and vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Yummy! Luckily the bar owner had these little covers to keep the bugs away from our food.

Emily, our talented seamstress, made some adorable prizes as well a corsage for Meagan and seersucker booties for baby. Too cute!

Here's the gang.

Congrats Meg! We love you and can't wait to meet the lil' one.

April 17, 2011

Pete's Ribs

A big hangout here in Portsmouth is Pete's Ribs (formally called Peter's BBQ and Bar). I shouldn't really say big...it's more of a side patio to a small convenience store with a couple of wooden stools, tables, and a big grill in the back. Every Friday night students, spouses, faculty, and locals come out to feast on ribs, fries, and beer. The ribs, well we aren't exactly sure of the meat, but the consensus is goat. I play it safe and get the chicken.

The grand event only happens on Friday nights. This was Kyle's first experience at Pete's. I had to show him the ropes...

First, write your name and order on a small pad of paper by the grill (this place is first come, first serve). Then, go next door and grab a couple of beers. Finally, wait and wait and wait while you constantly slather on bug repellent. Doesn't it sound amazing?!?!?

I truly love it! It's a great place to go with a group of friends.

We went with a few other couples and friends this last Friday night. Some of them are 4th semesters and will be leaving this week to go back to the states for good. This was was one more chance to celebrate together.

Kyle and I are in the front, Emily and Nathan are behind Kyle, Taylor and Kyle behind them, Olivia in the back, Emmet and Meagan (she's taking the picture), and then another Kyle.

Good times, good people, that's Dominica!

April 11, 2011

Too Much

This week has just been too much for me to handle. I mean, first a huge grocery store opens with American goods and it's only 10 minutes away, and then this...

a REAL diet coke!!!

Not Coca Cola Light, but the real thing, straight from America (well, Puerto Rico, but it's a US territory so it counts, right?)

What's next? A Nordstrom, maybe a Target?

April 8, 2011


I've waited so long for this grocery store to open. This isn't just any store, this is the ONLY American style grocery store in the town we leave in. Currently I have to drive an hour to Roseau to get the majority of my food items and quite frankly that gets old, real fast. I've seen this store from start to finish and it's taken over a year. It almost doesn't seem real that it's finally here. The items we can get here aren't that new for us, but now I can them to them in a 10 minute walk instead of a one hour drive. Can't beat that!

Here are my friends Jen and Emily parading around with some frozen items, popsicles and ice cream. Things we would never by in Roseau since they'd never make the drive.

Check out this absolutely beautiful produce section! Ta-da! It's finally here!
My life here will be so much easier. You should have seen the store crawling with spouses and students in awe. Trust me, I wasn't the only crazy person taking pictures.

April 7, 2011

...from today

1 week from today

...Kyle takes Mini 3

2 weeks from today

...we get on a plane to make our way back to Phoenix for the break

...we say goodbye to some very dear friends

5 weeks from today

...we'll be back in Dominica and Kyle will have begun our final semester here

...is my 25th birthday (fyi)

18 weeks from today

...Kyle will take his final exam and be officially done with the "book part"

of med school, onto clinicals and rotations

Much to look forward to in the coming weeks.

I'm not rushing it, simply savoring every minute of this island...the good, bad, and ugly.

We'll be back in the states before we know it.

April 5, 2011

Splish Splash

Even though In.Light.In is done for the semester we still like to see the kids. Last week we invited a few of them to come to the pool on campus. This is a a huge deal for them. Some of the kids have never been to a pool before, ever. We played Marco Polo, had races, and watched as the splashed around and had the time of their lives.

April 3, 2011

Goodbye, Farewell, Until We Meet Again

Saturday night we said goodbye to some of our friends at the RSO farewell banquet. As always, we shared in a big dinner and made our way up to De Champs for some dancing.

Here are some of the lovely ladies at the banquet.

Here are my girls. We came in to this island together, but are unfortunately leaving at different times. I'm so excited for Meagan and Taylor and the next step in their journey. I'm going to miss them both so much.

I know the three of us will be friends for life!
Goodbye dear friends...until we meet again.

April 1, 2011


I would like you to meet my lifesavers. These pink rubber gloves with extra long arm coverage make my life here much easier. You see, as I've said before, we have no dishwasher...well, we do, but it's me. With the help of these gloves I can easily wash each and every dish with ease (almost).

I've been watching the TV series Mad Men. It's set in the early 1960's complete with party dresses, pearls, high heals, and hats. I love the style of that era (not so much the womanizing and excessive drinking). Watching Betty Draper, the main character's wife, wash the dishes in her lovely ensemble and rubber gloves on has helped me not resent these plates and utensils quite as much. Lately I just whisk myself away to that era and pretend I'm Betty, doing the dishes with my apron and gloves on, listening to The Andy Griffith Show on the TV in background.