February 18, 2013

Been Hibernating

I feel like the ultra cold weather and lack of happenings around the city have really put a damper
on our usual weekend adventures. It's been so much easier for us to stay in, all cozy and warm, while I do things like cook, laundry, ironing, and sewing while Kyle studies. Snoozefest, right?

Well, we finally came out of hibernation and checked a few things off
our "must-do"and "must-eat" list. Check it out...

Brunch at Freeman's is a fun experience. Hidden at the end of an alley off a small street on the Lower East Side, this restaurant feels like a step back in time and out of The city. Animal heads and antlers cover the walls as well as old presidential photos. Kyle loved it! Our food was great and it was a wonderfully unique way to kick off a Sunday.
Many flea markets shut down for the winter and others move to warmer indoor locations. This market, The Antique Garage, is held year round in this actual parking garage, away from the elements. Perfect for a chilly afternoon. We didn't buy anything, nor did we want to. The people watching was far better than the goods being sold. Lime green fur coat anyone?
During the whole month of February City Bakery has a hot chocolate festival with a new flavor each day of the month. Today's special recipe was Vietnamese Cinnamon. This is no ordinary hot chocolate. It's certainly for sipping and just one cup is enough to put anyone in a chocolate coma. Neither of us could finish ours. It's so rich and creamy and the homemade marshmallow plopped on top is a treat all on its own. I have to admit that both of us had tummy aches after.
Was it worth it? Ooooohhhh yesss!

This weekend really got me excited about more adventures. We really needed it to get
out of our "winter funk". More cold weather is ahead, but hopefully we'll get the itch to
bundle up and explore more of our own backyard, New York City!

February 13, 2013


Although we've had some pretty low temps lately, I thought we were getting off easy with the lack of snow this winter. "Not so fast", said Mother Nature. Last weekend the city got 1 foot over night!!!

Luckily it was on a Saturday and my only job was to stay warm and cozy inside. Kyle and I decided we couldn't stay cooped up all day and took a walk through Central Park. I'm so glad we ventured out because, the pure white snow atop ever inch of the park was absolutely breathtaking. The kids and dogs were all having a blast too just playing, sliding, and eating the beautiful fluffy snow.

On our way out of the park, I just couldn't help it, I had to sit in it! So fun to be a child!

February 12, 2013

It's a good thing we did a lot of walking...

The weekend of the Super Bowl wasn't all about the big game, it was also a quick visit from Kyle's mom and dad. Here's a look at the weekend they were here. See if you notice a trend...

This tiny, and I mean seriously small restaurant, Cafe Habana, has a killer menu.
Please go for a cheap, and tasty, breakfast or lunch if you visit the city!

The best thing, and a must order, is the Mexican Grilled Corn. Perfectly charred corn,
slathered in mayo, sprinkled with cheese, and dusted with chili powder and lime salt.
To. Die. For. As a bonus, it's $4.95 for 2. What a bargain, especially in NYC.

It was pretty chilly during their visit. I bet they were happy to return to a sunny 65 in AZ.

Brunch is certainly "the thing to do in NYC on the weekend"
and what brunch is complete without a Bloody Mary?
Oh, and some chicken and waffles are pretty good too. It seemed like the obvious
alternative to me, the only person in the world who can't stand eggs. 

So, did you catch on to the trend?
Yes, we did a lot of eating and drinking.
What else do you do when it's freezing outside?

Thanks for visiting us! We had an absolutely fabulous weekend (other than the 49ers loss).

February 10, 2013

Still Depressed

A week has passed and yet I still feel like we, mainly Kyle, are in mourning after the
49ers loss in the big game. The Super Bowl didn't turn out quite as we had hoped, but we
had a mini party that turned out great and we decorated the little space we have.

(This photo was taken pre game. Can you tell by the beaming smiles?)