July 31, 2011

Just when you think...

With less than 3 weeks left I thought we were in the clear for tropical storms and hurricanes. It looks like we're not getting out of her that easily. Tropical storm Emily is on her way and is due to pass over us starting tonight or tomorrow. We've already had quite a bit of rain today. Kyle and I are doing our best to make sure we're stocked with water and electricity in case either go off or run out. Oh the joys of living on a tropical island! It doesn't look like it will be too bad, but just in case say a prayer to the big guy upstairs, will ya? Thanks!

July 30, 2011


Our Niece!

Page Nicole Hickman

7lbs 3oz

July 29, 2011

Congratulations to Kyle's brother, Cole, and his wife Kelsie.

We are so excited to meet this beauty when we return home at the end of August.

Is This Normal?

The other night when Kyle grabbed his towel before jumping into the shower, he noticed some new colors along with the yellow. It's been raining a lot lately which means it's even more humid than normal. This also means our decent method of drying our towels (placing them directly in front of the AC unit or fan) isn't doing the trick. Essentially, we've ended up with blue mold on our towels making them smell of sour milk. My towel is already blue making me concerned for obvious reasons. Oh, the issues that come with living in a tropical climate. How I long to dry to out in the Arizona sun!

July 28, 2011


There are so many changes that will come with our move back to the states. Some of these changes are good and some are bad. I'm certainly going to miss the simplicity of life here and the lack of ability to be a constant consumer of the latest and greatest. With that said, I am excited to move on and indulge a bit in all the things I've missed. Here's a peek at a few of the changes that will come...

my shoes will go...

the phone I use will go...

the road I take will go...

where I shop for food will go...

the way I clean our dishes will go...

I realize the grass isn't always greener on the other side, but since I've seen both sides I hope to take the best of both and move forward.

July 18, 2011

Med School Prom

This Saturday night, Kyle and I went to prom...med school prom. It's actually called the 4th Semester Banquet, but we have to get tickets for it, get all dressed up, and celebrate being seniors on the island, therefore it feels like prom. It's a great night to celebrate our accomplishments with the friends we've made as we mingle, eat, drink, and dance.

This is me and my love taking some "prom shots" before the banquet. As he always, he makes me laugh and this time it was caught on camera.

The ladies...Jen, Emily, and me.

The Arizona crew...Kyle, me, and Luke

The guys, well on their way to being M.D.'s

Me...whining about the heat, humidity, and massive amount of sweat running down my body.

Me and my hardworkin' guy. So proud of your accomplishments, babe.

It certainly was a night to remember!

July 15, 2011


Saturday afternoon, we went on another afternoon cruise. This time, we did less sun soaking and more sight seeing. Any afternoon I get to spend with Kyle is a blessing.

The best sight of all were these dolphins! As we were all relaxing on our way back to the dock, we suddenly noticed a huge pod of dolphins. It was so amazing and beautiful to watch them swim through the clear water and jump along side us. I got a video of them in action and I'm amazed every time I watch it. Check it out here:


July 13, 2011


Last semester, while my mom was here, we went through all the things Kyle and I had that we'd be selling and put them in an alphabetized spread sheet with the price they would be sold at. Then, at the beginning of this semester I started taking pictures of all those items with the additional information of when I could part with them and posted them on facebook for all the spouses to see and purchase. It seems silly to go through all this work, but nearly every little item you have here, people are not just willing, but wanting to buy and I wanted to keep it as organized as possible. Thus far, our sale has gone great and I'm starting to see what we will have left to donate and what we will be taking home with us. Luggage limitations are strict, so it wont be much. As our apartment gets emptier and emptier, it's started to feel real that's we're leaving in about a month.

July 12, 2011


Every semester RSO does a farewell banquet to say goodbye to all of the spouses that are leaving and this time I was one of them (woo hoo!). It's always a fun night to get together with all the other ladies, some who you've known for almost 2 years and others who you met just a couple of months ago. We get dressed up, put make-up on (most of which runs off with the sweat) and enjoy a dinner together (one that none of us had to cook or do the dishes for). It's a wonderful evening to spend with the other women who understand your life here in ways nobody else can. It's also a celebration to those of us who are leaving to say "We did it!"

July 10, 2011


On a routine trip to the grocery store today I found MILK!!! The real thing! Not the slightly off-white stuff we normally get. Not the stuff that sits at room temperature in a little box on the shelf. Actual milk like we get back home.

It cost us 23EC ($8.60), which is a little pricey considering it's never more than $3 back home, but so worth it.

Kyle and I both aren't really milk drinkers, except chocolate milk. This meant I had to get some Nesquik too. This milk expires on the 12th, so we better get to drinking.

July 7, 2011

Graduation Day

It's the season of graduation ceremonies here in Dominica and I went with a couple of other girls who are involved with In.Light.In to support a couple of the boys who come nearly every week...Jervon and Joseph. These are two very special boys who have a heart of gold. Their families were extremely proud of them as they prepare to go the high school next year.

The graduation took place at a church in Portsmouth with friends and family there to show their love for the graduates.

The ceremony lasted over 3 hours and was filled with speeches, awards, singing, dancing, prayers, and thanks.

Here are Jervon and Joseph accepting their diploma from the bishop.

Clare, Emily, and me, there to cheer on the boys and wish them success in their studies.

July 6, 2011

Next Stop...


Kyle and I fly from Dominica to Phoenix on August 20th and then he'll be on a plane to Saginaw September 7th. We're so excited that he was accepted to go to Michigan. As I mentioned before, I'll be staying in Phoenix to work and save up some money, but I will be visiting him for about 2 weeks in October. The fact that he's doing 5th semester in Michigan, instead of Miami, will help us save a lot and puts us at ease. We'll be apart for a bit, but we're confident it's the best thing for us to do.

I just wanted to share the latest news with you all and keep you updated on the next chapter in this adventure.

July 3, 2011

Addicted to Gin

I have to admit it's true...I'm addicted.

Kyle and I just can't get enough of it. It's becoming a nightly, and occasional lunch time, event.

Don't worry. I'm not talking about our latest coping mechanism for Dominica. I'm referring to Gin, the card game.

We have been playing it for the last week or so, nearly every night. We started playing it last summer in the evenings and we haven't done it since, but we're hooked again. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's usually raining at night and we're stranded in our hot apartment. I usually win, which frustrates Kyle and puts a smile on my face, but we have fun nonetheless. It's sort of becoming our thing.

Who knew Gin was so great?