January 30, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

If you didn't know....

Kyle is a HUGE 49ers fan!!
How huge? This huge...

When we started dating in 10th grade his bedroom wall
had a VERY large 49ers logo painted on it.

His Christmas stocking is a 49ers bear.

As a child, a good majority of his wardrobe was 49ers gear.

I'm pretty sure he would exchange me to be roomies with past and present
players like Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Frank Gore, or Patrick Willis. I'm not
offended. I've known it. It was practically in our wedding vows.

Every Sunday I'm positive our neighbors think we're having a knock down marital spat
with all the yelling, screaming, cursing, and stomping that goes on during the game.

He used to make his parents sit through countless games and recite stats to them.

With this said, it's obvious that their advancement to the Super Bowl has put Kyle over the moon.
He was moved to tears after Sunday's game. Embarrassing? No, just pure love. Not to mention,
I was right there with him. Hugging. Crying. Asking "what have you done to me"?

To make the big game even more spectacular, Kyle's mom and dad are flying all the way to New York for the weekend to watch it with him! Now that's love. What a special event this will be.

p.s. GO NINERS!!!!!

January 28, 2013

Food Tour, Take 2

I told you before about the food tour we took back in November with Kyle's family who
were visiting for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun, and delicious, and we couldn't stop talking
about it. I think we yapped about it so much that my in-laws gave us a tour in a different
neighborhood for our anniversary. Yes, they're pretty amazing and generous and I'm very lucky.
This time our tour was of Chelsea Market and the Meatpacking District.
Since 70% of the tour was inside at the market it made for a perfect wintry weekend activity.
Here's a look at the fabulous tastings we had on our tour...
(be prepared to see a lot of pictures of me eating. Somehow I'm the only one
photographed looking like a glutton. I now see Kyle's genius plan.)
A stop at Eleni's for a peak at the beautifully designed cookies had us pleasantly surprised
with their decadent cupcakes.  Dare I say they were better than Magnolias?!?!?

The wine selection at the Chelsea Wine Vault is out of this world.
"Do you have any for $9.99 and under? Oh you do? Fantastic!!"
A picnic-style plate of meat, cheese, antipasto, and bread at Buon Italia, a specialty Italian grocery

So many little eateries...so little room in our tummies...

A little bite of Australia at Tuck Shop
Delicious biscuits with jam from Sarabeth's Bakery. To. Die. For.
Once outside Chelsea Market we toured the High Line, strolled the streets of what was and is now the Meatpacking District, and had some out of this world garganelli with oxtail ragu at Marcelleria. Amazing how so many former butcher shops are now filled with high-end designer boutiques.


It turned out to be a pretty great day of eating, learning, eating, and oh yes,
more eating...hence the big grins and "I'm full" eyes on our faces. Another recommended
activity for those visiting the city. Thanks Russ and Beth for the food tour!

January 25, 2013

Still Here

Hi! Remember us?
Yes, we're still here in New York.
Yes, we're freezing our rears off.
Do you forgive us for being away so long?
I hope so and to make it up, I'll bring you up to speed...
As you know we spent a lonely, quiet Christmas here in the city, but were quickly off to AZ for a week to soak up our families and the sun. Oh was it ever nice to not wear a big coat!
Here's a little recap of our time back home...
(as always I had intentions of taking way more pictures than I actually did)
We had a nice evening making homemade gyozas at Grandma and
Grandpa Hickman's house. Loads of work, but loads of fun.

Love seeing this cutie, our niece Page, grow. She's changed so much since we last saw her.

We had a delayed "Christmas morning" with my mom, dad, and Nana. Exchanging gifts, Christmas carols playing in the background, the fireplace roaring. It was perfect.

Seeing these crazies is always fun. We sure miss having pups around to play with.

A decadent fondue dinner for New Year's Eve at my parent's.

A "normal Sunday" spent with Kyle's mom and dad. Relaxing, chatting, grilling, pure heaven!

So what are we doing now?
Working! A lot!

Kyle started his OB/GYN rotation and has been delivering lots of babies.
Not my favorite stories for dinner conversation...Yuck! and Ouch!

So that's all for now. Hope your new year has started out splendidly!