March 30, 2011

Last In.Light.In of the Semester

Friday was our final InLightIn of this semester and the last one ever for Meagan and Taylor. We're really going to miss them every Friday afternoon and I know the kiddos will too. Thanks girls for all your dedication and love for these little ones.

We finished the semester off with a bang. We had a water balloon fight! The kids loved it and we enjoyed pelting them and watching the water explode. It was a fun way to get even with them and the attitudes they have at times.

Hopefully we'll see the kids around before we start up again at the end of May.

March 25, 2011

Good Friday

Four weeks from today is Good Friday and boy will it be a good friday. We will be back in AZ! We actually arrive Thursday evening, but to know we'll wake up in the Valley of the Sun, dry air and all, makes my heart smile. Kyle will be home for just over 2 weeks and I'll be there for 3 1/2. Here are just a few of the places I can't wait to eat at or shop at. I really could add another 20 places, but I didn't want you to think I was too crazy.

I know Kyle is excited to go to most of the places on my list, but if I were to guess what he's most thrilled about, it's this...

I'm pretty sure he'd play 18 holes, or more, every day we're home if I'd let him. Call me selfish, but since he studies ALL DAY this is my time to get to hang out with him too.

The countdown begins....

March 24, 2011

Go Team Go!

I do not play sports and I don't consider myself athletic. I danced and did pom, which was my "sport", but I won't sit here and debate whether it is in fact a sport or not. My point is...

me + a sport involving a ball = bad news
Kyle and I are on a coed kickball team here. I think I was put on simply because they needed more girls and well, ya that's the only reason. We usually play once a week and our team is undefeated. I have made several runs over that past few games, which I'm very proud of, but I have to rely on my teammates to tell me when to run or stay most of the time.

Kyle usally plays 2nd base and he does great. What position do I play, you ask? Well, I like to call it "ground holder". I stand there and make sure the dirt stays put. I also do a pretty good job of avoiding the ball if it ever comes my way. (I'm sure my dad is shaking his head in shame right now)

This was true until our most recent game. I ACTUALLY CAUGHT THE BALL!!! I jumped up and down and I'm pretty sure I embarrassed the heck out of Kyle with my little celebration. I couldn't help it. This was my first catch EVER.

I felt so good until...

About 3 plays later I missed it. The ball went right through my arms and rolled away.

Hey, you can't get 'em all, right?

March 23, 2011

Mom's Visit: Syndicate Nature Trail

Mom's last day in Dominica was a little drizzly and cool. Yes, I said cool. You may even notice me wearing a jacket in some of the photos. Shocking! It also helps we were quite a ways up in elevation. We were at the Syndicate Nature trail.

If you know my mom at all, you know she's crazy about animals. Everything from elephants to ants...if she thinks she can see one, she's there. Unfortunately Dominica doesn't have too many fun creatures, but they do have two kinds of parrots, the Jaco and the Sisserou. These birds are hard to spot, but if anyone can find them, it's my mom. It's really too bad there are no monkeys here like they have in Barbados. That would just put her over the edge!

Along the trail we came across some pretty big trees with crazy roots and trunks.

This was my mom for about 70% of her stay in Dominica!

These are the parrots I mentioned above. If we were going to see them, this was the perfect place. Now, you may notice that these birds are primarily green and so is Dominica. This makes them even more difficult to see, unless they are flying.

We actually saw the parrots fly from tree to tree 3 times! It was pretty cool and Mom jumped up and down with joy. I was so glad she got to see them. Since it all happened so fast, I wasn't able to get a picture of them. So...this is my interpretation of them flying across the trees. (please don't laugh)

Well, that's it. Those are all the posts from my mom's visit. I hope you've enjoyed the look at our adventures!

We had a wonderful time and I truly appreciate getting to spend the time with her.

(I also loved all the goodies she brought us from America)

March 22, 2011

Mom's Visit: Sunset Cruise

We went on a whale watching and sunset cruise while Mom was here. Unfortunately we only saw one of these things...the sunset. Kyle and I have seen whales before, but they just weren't cooperating this time. The sunsets here never disappoint.

In my opinion, one of the best ways to see Dominica is from a boat. It gives you a greater appreciation of its beauty. From the water, you don't see the litter or the barely standing shacks, you only see the lush green mountains and rugged, rocky cliffs.

It's also a great way to get a fresh "breeze".

March 21, 2011

Mom's Visit: Road Trip

Since we've lived in Dominica, I've left the driving up to the taxis and transports for a few reasons:

1. they drive on the left side of the road

2. the roads are narrow..I'm talking passing a car with maybe an inch to spare

3. drivers here have their own set of rules and technique that I don't care to learn and understand

4. most of the cars are manual and that's just not my style

With all that said, guess who decided it would be a brilliant idea to rent a car for a day and "toodle" around the island. Yes, that's right, my mother!

We drove all over this island. Although it's less than 30 miles from tip to tip, the road is more like 50 with all the loops and swoops. We went to....

Scott's Head...

and Trafalgar Falls

Here's some snapshots of other things we saw along the way.

This day was full of laughs as we tried to follow the "road signs" and hit EVERY pothole on the road. We had a great time and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Thanks Mom for a wonderful day and memory!

March 20, 2011

Mom's Visit: Giddyup!

What's the best way to check out the Dominican rain forest? On a horse,of course! One morning Mom and I hopped on a horse (well, she hurled herself onto the horse, see photo below) and trotted up the mountain and into the lush rain forest. We were able to get great views and a closer look at a the fruits and vegetables local to this region, including cinnamon trees and pineapples.

(you can chuckle, it's ok. we had a good laugh ourselves)

Yes...I was a bit sore the next day or so, but it was well worth it.

March 19, 2011

Mom's Visit: InLightIn

One thing I'm involved in here, and very passionate about, is InLightIn. I really wanted to bring my mom here to show her what I do every Friday afternoon. The Friday she came we made masks for Carnival with the kids. Glitter, scissors, glue...what were we thinking? They loved making the masks and I couldn't take pictures of them fast enough. They were posing like celebrities.

March 18, 2011

Mom's Visit: Fort Shirley and Red Rock

One place we went while Mom was here is Fort Shirley. It's an old fort that I can see everyday from the town we live in, but I had never been there. We decided to walk there (it's about 2 miles each way) and check out the towns and scenery along the way. It was a great walk that really gave us an inside look at life here. The fort is part of a Cabrits National Park and I was surprised to see how organized it was. They really did a great job putting it all together. From the fort there are great views of the school and town we live in.

One night, we went to Red Rock Haven for dinner. I just had to show Mom the beautiful walls of red that remind me of Sedona (with the addition of the ocean). Not to mention, they have some pretty delicious food.

ps. Those are guava coladas in our hands...yummy!

March 17, 2011

Mom's Visit: Carnival

Carnival is a huge celebration in many countries, even in our little country of Dominica. This isn't anything like Brazil's Carnival, nonetheless, all the locals join in on this dancing, singing, and drinking holiday. During Carnival things are closed and everyone is out and about having a good time. We went to Roseau to watch the parade and it was really fun to hear the music, watch the dancing, and see some of their amazing costumes. I'm truly glad I got to experience this and I think Mom was too.

March 16, 2011

Mom's Visit: Batibou

By now, if you're a frequent reader of the blog, you've heard me talk about Batibou Beach about a million times or so. I can't help it! It's just picture perfect. Well, my mom feels the same way about this beach as I do which is why we went here twice during her visit.

At most of the beaches in Dominica you can find these little crabs running around. They are fun to watch as they coast across the sand and jump into a hole. Well, this little guy got brave and decided to hang out on and around my (oh so fashionable) Keen sandal.

I've written Kyle's name in the sand at beaches all over the world. This time I wrote a note to my dad. I couldn't help but add that little bit at the end...Love you Daddy!

March 12, 2011

My Apologies

I know, I know, I haven't updated the blog in a few weeks, but I've been enjoying time with my mom. Can you blame me? I have a lot of great adventures and pictures to share, but I'll wait until after she heads back to AZ. It'll give me something to do while Kyle prepares for Exam 3 and Finals. (FYI: he had his 2nd big exam of the semester and he did great!)