September 20, 2013

Summer Roundup

Summer is closing in our neck of the woods as kids return to school, the weather cools
down and crisp fall air is abundant. I haven't been the best at updated the blog over the past month so
here's a look at our last few weeks of the summer in the city and elsewhere.
Enjoying some freshly picked peaches at the farmers market.

A spur of the moment trip to D.C. turned out to be just the escape we needed from the city.
A new addition to the long list of museums in D.C. is the Newseum. This place is full of historical headlines, both correct and incorrect, and a look at how reporting has changed over time and has shaped policy and public perception. Fascinating! I highly recommend it if you're in D.C.
We also managed to squeeze in a delicious, rib coating lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl in D.C. 
A favorite of many presidents and Bill Cosby, this place stood up to its reputation. Yum! 

Back in the city, we managed to catch a movie one evening in Central Park. It's such a
great summer activity. The film that night, Hook. A childhood favorite of mine.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed your summer. We sure did. 

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